Producer Introduction

Hi. I'm Burton Buller.

The social documentary genre fascinates me. The ability of the moving image to tell powerful stories of human endeavor helps connect us as a world community. I may act as producer, director, screenwriter, narrator, cinematographer, videographer, or editor on my films. It is not unusual for me to take multiple roles. My films and videos have found their way onto Discovery, TLC, Hallmark Channel, CBS:60 Minutes and on both NBC and ABC affiliates nationwide.

Filming the stories of people in over 30 counties, I have come to see just how different, yet how similar, both the stories and the peoples of the world really are. People everywhere aspire to much the same thing. They long for peace and prosperity for themselves and their children. Those things that stand in the way are all too similar for each of us - war, economic malaise or collapse, drought and flood cycles, corruption, political instability - the stories tend to get repeated over and over.

Bringing these stories to light so that we can all understand more fully the important roles that a just peace, strong economies, responsible land use programs, non-violent political transitions, and responsible citizenship play in creating a world where all can thrive stands as one of the important roles of the documentary film. It's what keeps me behind the camera.


My films have been entered in international and North America festivals, garnering a variety of distinguished awards. I've been able to attend a few of the festivals where they have been entered, and always benefit from seeing the vision other filmmakers express in their productions. Click on the red arrow to see a list of awards.


One of the benefits of documentary production is that the filmmaker has the opportunity to learn something about a great many topics. This has challenged me to see the world - its peoples and its cultures - for sympathetically. I've listed the titles of some of the documentaries with which I have been associated on the following page.