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Dr. Dan and Mary Miller
JustPax Fund
Bryan and Wendy Young
Cal Redekop
Carroll Yoder
Dave and Arlene Wiens
Evie Yoder Miller
Emory and Faye Yoder
Henry L. & Charlotte Rosenberger
Jake and Marlene Alderfer
Jay Lehman
Jean and Ken Peifer
John & Carolyn Reed
John Fairfield
Lee Yoder
Lois Noto
Margaret M. Foth

Mark and Jackie Hutcherson
Mary Jean Cross
Myron & Esther Augsburger
Nancy V. Lee
Pauline Myers
Ray Gingerich
Rhoda and Norman Kraus
Roman Miller
Ruth Stoltzfus Jost
Schowalter Foundation
Steve and Sabina Hutcherson
Terry Burkhalter
Tilli Yoder
Vernon Jantzi
Virgil Yoder